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4 Tips To Get You Start With Pool Renovations With Natural Filtration Conversion

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Soon, the warm weather will arrive, and you want to be able to open your pool. Natural filtration may be one of the features that you want to do with updating the equipment of your pool. Natural filtration conversions can be a little more complicated due to the additional features like plants and filtration medium. Here are some tips to help with your natural pool conversion project.

1. Changes to the Pool Shape and Design for Filtration Systems

When renovating your pool with a natural filtration conversion, there are going to be many changes to be made. Some of the changes include adding water features that circulate the water through the filtration design, such as streams, pond areas with plants, or waterfalls. You will need to plan for the integration of these features and making slight changes to the shape and structure of your existing pool.

2. Creating Living Areas with Flora and Fauna for Water Filtration

One of the essential components for natural filtration is life, which is the flora and fauna that are used in the design. These features can be part of your landscaping and separate from the main swimming areas of your pool, or they may be incorporated into the design of your pool. It is important to have a good balance of plants and animals.

3. Shallow Stream and Sandy Areas That Provide Filtration Medium

To remove debris, prevent insects from laying eggs, and reduce algae growth, you will want to have moving water. Designs with streams help to keep water moving and provide filtration. Other features like shallow beach-like areas with sand can also help reduce problems and improve the effectiveness of natural pool filtration designs.

4. Pond Skimmers for Removing Debris and Hiding Pool Filtration Design

Pond skimmers are another improvement that you will want to consider for your natural filtration system. Usually, these are larger skimmers, which is good to remove extra debris that can get into water from plants that are part of the design. In addition, pond skimmers are usually designed to be less visible and will be easier to hide to give your pool more of a natural appearance.

These are some tips to help with pool renovations and natural filtration conversion before opening. If you want to renovate your pool to get ready for warmer weather, contact pool repair services like Clear Pools Maintenance Inc. and talk with them about options for natural filtration systems.