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3 Types Of Lights Used In Your Pool Design

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If you are getting a pool installed, make sure you consider putting some lights in your pool. Adding lights to your pool allows you to enjoy your pool in the evening time, and makes your pool area stand out more. Additionally, if you want pool lights, you need to add them during the installation process. Lights in your pool are not something that you can easily add later on.

There are three different types of lights used in pools:

#1 Incandescent

Incandescent lights are basically the same old-school lights that you have used in your home for years. Electricity has to pass through a wire and heat up the filament to create light. Incandescent lights do not have very long life-spans, so you will need to change out the bulbs every year or so depending on if you keep your lights on all the time or just turn them on when you want to use them.

Another downside to incandescent lights is that if you want to change the color of your lights, you have to put a colored lens over the pool light cover. There are not colored incandescent lights.

#2 Fiber Optics

Fiber optic lights are set up differently than most lights. The actual light bulb is not installed in your pool; rather it rests inside of a dry box on top of your patio. Then, fiber optic cables run from the light to your pool. The light travels through the cable and shines out at the end of the cable.

Fiber optic lights are not very bright, so if you really want your pool lit up brightly, you will have to use a lot of them to create that effect. If you want a subtler effect though, fiber optics are great for that type of effect.

You can change the color of your fiber optic lights by installing a color wheel in the lightbox. This allows you to easily change the color of the lights.

#3 LED

LED lights are one of the most popular types of lights used in pools today. LED lights do not have a filament like incandescent lights, nor do they need separate housing like fiber optic lights.

LED lights are so popular because their lifespan is many times the lifespan of incandescent or fiber optic lights. With LED lights, even if you use them constantly, you could easily go five years or even a decade before having to change them out.

LED light bulbs can also be set up to change color and even create light shows. With LED lights, you can really customize the color and ambiance of your pool. 

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